San Chi Kai Authorised Instructor List

The Late Grandmaster Mal Lomax (black belt 10th degree) has studied many different systems, combining them into a unique system. It is designed to meet the self-defense needs of all todays' modern society, with emphasis on real life/street use. It is a freestyle, which allows the each student to adapt to whatever method best suits them. San Chi Kai is suitable for all ages, genders & fitness levels. This allows each student to learn/exercise at their own pace.


Kyoshi-Sama Stewart Lomax Black Belt 6th Degree (Co-Founder / Figurehead)

Kyoshi-Sama Maggie Phillips, Black Belt 6th Degree

Kyoshi Brad Lowe, Black Belt 6th Degree

Renshi Angela Phillips, Black Belt 5th Degree

Sensei Matthew Knight, Black Belt 3rd Degree

Sensei Peter Cross, Black Belt 3rd Degree

Sensei Brent Kettle, Black Belt 3rd Degree

Dai Sempai Collin McKenzie, Black Belt 2nd Degree

Dai Sempai Jason Lomax, Black Belt 2nd Degree (National Administrator)


Kyoshi-Sama Ian Hall, Black Belt 6th Degree (National Chief Instructor)

Sensei Jason Hall, Black Belt 4th Degree

Sensei Chris Reid, Black Belt  3rd Degree


Hanshi Peter McInnes, Black Belt 8th Degree

Kyoshi Dennis Apted, Black Belt 6th Degree

Renshi Karen Anderson, Black Belt 5th Degree

Sensei David Maidens, Black Belt 3rd Degree

Sensei Kevin Bevan, Black Belt 3rd Degree

Sensei Dane Weeden, Black Belt 3rd Degree

Sempai Craig Jorgensen, Black Belt 1st Degree


Sempai Kieran Lomax, Black Belt 1st Degree

Please contact Kyoshi-Sama Ian Hall for Training Locations, Times and Instructor contact details (if you are an authorized San Chi Kai Instructor not listed please communicate your details for consideration/update): to Kyoshi-Sama Ian Hall (0414 091 663) whom authorises all changes.